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A friend, a former program director/general manager at a 501C3 radio station, suggested I start my own show. He assured me it would go on the air. Around that time, many people noted that I had a voice for radio. Being an ordained minister, I realized that this could become a ministry for me, which it did. Recognizing a void of practical information within the Christian African American community, I embarked on this venture.

In the past, black Americans relied on black newspapers, magazines, and radio for news relevant and trustworthy to their community. Unfortunately, black newspapers and magazines are now scarce. Black radio, once a community-focused platform, has shifted toward a profit-centric model, mirroring white radio. Ironically, many black radio stations are 501C3 nonprofits. Utilizing this platform, I aim to deliver pertinent information, accompanied by gospel music and the good news, to address the lack of practical information. I see myself fulfilling a crucial role in serving an underserved community. As a minister, this is not just a show; it's my ministry.

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